Voices Of The Abused


Giving hope for the abused

What We Do

Give hope to the Abused

Helping people who have been abused in life by providing the platform for them to heal and release the bondage that kept them so bound.

inform and educate

We plan events with other women to inform and educate the abused. We provide the platform for them today that it’s ok to talk about their abusive experience.

Provide needs and  Support

We provide the basic and immediate needs for the abused before permanent help arrives. We provide food, furniture, clothing and more.

We are giving hope to the abused

Our first  Annual Banquet and Fundraising event

We plan events that educate, inform and provide resources for the abused. We believe that lack of information, education and resource make situations worse for people who have been abused. To help overcome the worse effect of these abused people we first bring them hope by providing them with tools that help recondition their minds to feel that they are not alone.

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Our Mission & Approach

Our mission is to help to heal the heartache and pain of the abuse by being their voice, planning events with other women that have overcame the obstacles of their abuse, and to let them know that they are not alone.

We strategize  to bring the most impact by lunching events that inform, educate and provide resources to the abused.

We also partner with like-minded individuals and other organizations to raised funds to provide and support the activities that bring hope for the abused.